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I learned to type using only my thoughts | The Verge

 Jonathan Wolpawが開発中のcomputer brain interface systemのおはなし。


> The first step is to don a hat resembling a swim cap that records brain activity thanks to a set of gel-filled electrodes embedded in the fabric.

>Then you’re asked to concentrate on a specific letter within a matrix of other letters on a computer screen.


>Each letter displays a unique flashing pattern, so when you focus on one, your brain activity mirrors that letter’s flashing pattern, and the computer can figure out which part of the flashing matrix has caught your attention.

 今のところ1つの文字を入力するのに15秒くらいかかってしまうらしい。とはいえ、これによって people who suffer from advanced forms of paralysis (高度な麻痺に苦しむ人々)が人とコミュニケーションをとったり出来るようになるらしい。Wolpawさん素晴らしい。 コミュニケーションは fundamental to our species well-beingです。たとえば

>Children that are deprived of human interaction in the first dew years of their lives often have trouble learning human language and display significant cognitive deficits.