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沖縄知事選に関するNew York Timesの記事


沖縄の知事選のニュースがいくつかあったので、NewYorkTimesのやつを訳してみます。今回いろいろ読んでて興味深いのは、各記事のタイトルでUS baseにopposeしてることが見出しに持ってこられてる事。

RT(ロシアの国営ニュース)は「Anti-US military base candidate wins Okinawa governer race」

BBCは「US base opponent wins Okinawa governor poll」

The Guardianも「Opponent of US airbase plan wins Okinawa election」



Dealing a new blow to plans  by Japan and the United States to relocate a busy Marine air base on Okinawa, the island’s voters handed a landslide victory on Sunday to an anti-base candidate for governor, rejecting the Tokyo-backed incumbent.



The contest was closely watched in Tokyo and Washington for signs of weakening in local opposition to the huge American military footprint on this southern Japanese island, which is strategically near China, Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula.



Political analysts said the result showed that resentment of the presence, long seen by many islanders as an unfairly heavy burden, remained as strong as ever. About two-thirds of the 50,000 American military personnel in Japan are stationed in Okinawa, an island slightly larger than Cape Cod.

(専門家によると、この結果は沖縄の人々が基地の存在を不平等な負担であると思っており、今まで通り強い反感があることを示しているという。日本に5万人いるアメリカ軍関係者の3分の2が沖縄にいる。沖縄はCape Codと面積はほぼ同じである。)


The election was fought over the fate of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, a particularly unpopular base whose aging runway is surrounded by homes and schools in the middle of the densely populated city of Ginowan. 


Mr. Nakaima, 75, was supported by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has tried to restart an almost two-decade-old plan to move the base to a less-populated spot on the northern end of the island near Henoko, a village in the city of Nago.