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ペイントボールをぶつけられるだけで一年で£40,000 (740万円くらい)

Paintball company seeks human 'bullet tester' for job that pays £40,000 - Home News - UK - The Independent



Prospective applicants are warned in the job description for UKPaintball.com that “the role may pose a small risk of pain, discomfort and some bruising”, but the position is essential as the new employee is needed test out the paintballs to ensure they are safe for its customers to use during paintball fights.

(UKPaintball.comは応募者に対して以下のように警告しています。"この仕事は痛みや不快感、打撲などを伴う可能性があります” しかし、この仕事は顧客が安全にペイントボールファイトを行う上で不可欠なのであり、ペイントボールをテストする人が必要なのである。)



Some tests will require the new employee to “wear limited items of clothing” on occasion, in order for the company to “prepare for some ‘worst case’ scenarios”.